1. When should I arrive?

Please arrive to your appointment at your scheduled time.  If you happen to arrive earlier, we may be assisting another bride.  Also, please refrain from wearing make up.  

2. When should I start looking for wedding gowns?

We recommend starting your gown search at least 7-9 months before your wedding.  If you can, please have your wedding date established prior to booking an appointment.

3. How long does a bridal appointment usually last?

Each appointment lasts about a hour and thirty minutes with each bride.  This allows her enough time to try on 4-5 dresses, take pictures, and etc...  If we run out of time we will always be willing to schedule a follow up appointment.

4. Do you have an appointment cancellation policy?

As mentioned earlier we tend to have a busy schedule, especially on weekends so, after 15 minutes of no show we will unfortunately have to cancel your appointment with hope of rescheduling in the future.

5. What is your price range?

In house, our gowns range from $1600-$10,000.  We are able to obtain gowns triple or more that price when requested.

6. What is your size range?

We have sizes from size 6 to 22 to try one but we are able to order any size a designer allows.

7. Who can I bring to my appointment?

We ask that you bring no more than 4 people to your bridal fitting.  We want this appointment to be about you and only you on your special day.  Also, our boutique is very small and meant to be an intimate setting.  So we ultimately do not have the space for a big party.  Although we are family oriented boutique, we ask you not to bring children who can not be accompanied by an adult. However, if you would like to bring additional people/children please give us a call ahead of time and we will be more than happy to meet your acquaintance.

8. How does the ordering process work?

Once you have said "yes to the dress," we require 60% deposit or full payment to order the gown.  Then the remaining balance is due when the dress arrives.  If you are purchasing a gown off the rack the balance must be paid In full.

9. Do you accept walk-ins?

We typically do not accept walk-ins/short notice appointments on the weekends.  If you would like a walk-in/short notice appointment please call the bridal shop to see if any are available for that day. This will avoid any scheduling conflict.

10. Are pictures allowed to take pictures?

Of course!  We encourage brides to take as many pictures as they need.  We understand this helps with the decision process.

11. What is required to book an appointment?

A phone call or please request by email for any appointment Sunday through Friday.  On Saturdays we require a credit card on file to hold the appointment.  If the appointment is cancelled the day of the appointment, we will charge that credit card a $25 non refundable fee.  Please let us know if you will not be able to be at the appointment.  This allows other brides the opportunity to take your allotted time.

12. What is your food/drink policy?

We do not allow food or drinks in our store with the exception of water.

13. Can I bring Champagne?

We all love champagne but we ask that you do not bring it for the fitting.  Under rare occasion if champagne is a must, we will allow it  with approval when making the appointment.

14. Can I make an exchange or return?

Unfortunately, we do not accept exchanges or returns as each dress is hand made to order.  Each gown's lace and beading takes hundreds of hours to hand make.  Thus, each gown is finished in 3 months.  The designers do not offer us a refund for canceled orders.

15. Although, White Couture Bridal not offer alterations services, we are happy to refer you to professional seamstress in the area.  Please note, these seamstresses are performing alterations as part of their own business and not as a part of  White Couture Bridal.  White Couture Bridal is not liable for dress alterations.

Thank so much!!!

White Couture Bridal